Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Big Sweater

Hello Readers. It is cold and that means it's time for sweaters. I love sweaters, they don't wrinkle, they keep you warm, and they hide all the holiday weight gain. Someone passed this great black and gray sweater on to me and I loved it because it looked brand new. It was a little big though.

OK, maybe it was more than a little big. It almost seemed like a maternity sweater, but it didn't say anything on the tag. Whatever it was, it needed a new fit. And that neckline seems a little blah. Hmmm........

I decided to use the collar from this shirt. I used the lace along the bottom in a different refashion recently. I thought the lacey collar would look nice on this sweater. And there is plenty of collar to fit around the neck of the sweater.

I cut the collar off the shirt. I kept the seam on the collar and used it to attach the collar to the sweater. I just stitched through it and the sweater together. I just followed along the binding of the neck hole of the sweater. Very easy. I connected the two front ends of the collar and then I just cut off the excess. The collar is a nylon type material, it won't fray and it will wash well.

The collar is on and I used a zigzag stitch to take the sweater down in size. It seemed like it would fray easily so the zigzag stitch will hold the new raw edges together. I made it more of a straight fit rather than the A-line shape it had before. I didn't want it tight, just smaller in the tummy area.

It is big enough to layer over a shirt for extra warmth because it's COLD out there. (Gotta have the layers.)

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


  1. I am curious why you didn't just seam down the middle. there appears to be a "seam" or a change in knitting pattern?

    1. Hello stitchinkitchen, thanks for the question. I thought that if I did anything in the front it would leave a larger seam that might add bulk to the tummy section. And if my sewing wasn't perfectly smooth, it might be more obvious in front than on the sides. By changing the side seams, it just made it easier for me.

  2. Great job!!!I love its new shape <3

  3. I love the combo of lace and yarn - looks really good.

  4. Thanks Jenny_o. I really liked that trim and wanted to use it as much as I could.