Friday, July 22, 2022

Blue Lace Upcycle

 Hello Readers. It is summer sundress season. Yay for warm weather and sunshine. I found this blue eyelet lace dress at a swap and thought the blue lace fabric was just gorgeous. It turned out to be a little too tight in the bodice. I couldn't even show you how tight. (My cups runneth over y'all!) You'll just have to trust me on this. 

Before and after.

Look at the pretty lace! I cut the tight bodice off and cut a middle portion that I would use for straps. I measured and decided how long the shirt should be. I wanted the bottom of the dress to make the body of my shirt. It was the prettiest part of the dress and it had a nice scalloped edge that I wanted to save. My shirt will be about 16 inches long in the body and I will be adding the straps to it. 
I sewed the lining and the right side of the lace outer layer of the dress together. That will make the body of my shirt.
This is the center piece of the dress. I cut the front and back from each other so that I had 2 pieces. I needed 2 straps so I needed these 2 pieces.

I ironed the pieces flat and saw how uneven they were. I cut then to be even and made 2 wide straps.

Here is quick overview of the making of these straps.

I had to put the straps onto the shirt. I wanted to make sure the straps were sitting evenly on the front of the shirt so I used my dress form to try and pin it all together.

I attached the straps at an angle to cover my bra straps better. You can see more about that in this clip.
This was a fun summer refashion. The cotton lace breathes well and I love the color. This beautiful garden is at my daughters house and that bench was really hot and burned my bum. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

What about that blue t-shirt? I was going to use it for spare parts if I needed it.

I cut the logo off the shirt.

It looks like I cut a triangle off the front of the shirt. And, I sort of did just that. I wanted to make something wearable out of this shirt so I played around with it a little. 
I cut the neck band off and turned the whole shirt around. The plain back was going to be the front now.
I tied a knot at the neck and the waist. Its like extra ventilation for this heat wave.

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