Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Pajama Skirt

Hello Readers. I refashioned this fabulous set of pajamas recently. Check them out. They are so colorful and pretty. I was sure I could turn them into something wonderful to wear during the day.

These pajamas were a silky polyester. They looked a lot like silk but they weren't the real thing. They didn't breath like silk so I didn't want to keep them as sleepwear. Polyester pajamas didn't sound very comfortable to me.

These pants were very baggy. I thought I could make them into a skirt.

I cut the inseams open and spread the fabric out. I was going to keep the waistband, I just needed to remove the fabric that made up the crotch. I wanted to keep the loose fit because there was no stretch to this fabric.

I made a basic skirt shape. I couldn't make it too fitted but I could make it shorter.

I gave the skirt a big cut and made a new hem. It would be easier to wear at this length. Floor length skirts tend to trip me. (#clumsy)

I made the shirt a bit smaller. I didn't want to alter the shirt at all. I really liked it the way it was. I kept the shirt and skirt as 2 separate pieces so I could wear them by themselves or together.

I like the shirt tucked in the skirt but I think I like it untucked and loose even more. The drawstring waistband worked well in the skirt too. With a loose fit and an adjustable waist, I think I just found a great outfit for Thanksgiving!

I wore it to a charity dinner that my mom took me too. There was a trivia contest. My table didn't win y'all, not even close. But we had a lot of fun. Money was raised for Young Lives, a mentor and support group for teen moms.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- I still think this outfit is fabulous. It isn't very warm so it is put away until spring.


grrlsmom said...

This is great! I've followed your posts on Refashion Co-Op and this is just one of my favs!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks so much grrlsmom! I appreciate the comment.