Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Cheap Porch Decor

Hello Readers. How is your Autumn going? It is cooler and finally feels like "sweater-weather" where I live. I like to decorate my front porch to reflect whatever the current season is. I was excited to get ready for Fall. I did something different this time, I used a pallet and a cable spool on the porch this year. They were free. You can't get cheaper than that.

I also use some really old paint that has been sitting in my basement for who knows how long. But that made it free. (Does everyone else have a lot of old stuff down in the basement?) I choose white because I like it and it will go with anything. Yes, I spilled some in the garage.

I remember dragging this pallet home from my neighbors driveway. It was heavy and I had to carry it uphill. They put it out for trash and you know what that means. It is up for grabs, so I took it.
 I painted the pallet white all over with my old white paint. It was going to be on the porch, so I didn't worry about being too perfect. I just tried to cover all the surface.

Here is my cable spool. I dragged this home from a different neighbors driveway. They were moving and were giving a lot of stuff away.

The spool also got a couple of coats of that old white paint.

Here is my porch. The horizontal slats made the pallet a great plant stand and the spool is a great little table. I am planning a white winter/snow/snowman porch coming in Winter and these will look good then too.
 All of these white flowers came from a third neighbor who had too many and gave some away. Yep, that's right. For free.

*****     BONUS TRACK     *****

One more idea for cheap outdoor/porch decor. Cinder blocks are great for outdoor projects. Cheap and durable. This plant stand was made by my friend Patti. I love how she painted the blocks and the wooden shelves different colors. It is so fun and eye-catching.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- The pallet and the spool are still on my porch. White was a great choice.

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