Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Donut Shirt

Hello Readers. Everyone loves donuts, right? I haven't had a real donut in years. I had to stop eating wheat about 5 years ago. I miss it but I had allergies and I am healthier without it. One thing that I really miss is a real true donut. In the U.S., National Donut Day was June 2, and I have been thinking about donuts ever since. When I saw a donut shirt on Pinterest and I decided to make my own. You can check the original DIY post here.

I started with a basic white button down shirt that my mom handed-down to me. (Thanks Mom!) I wrapped plastic around the shirt so the body of the shirt was protected in case I got messy with my paint.

I got my stash of acrylic paint and started painting two coats of light brown around the bottom of the collar. That is the cake of the donut. I rounded the front at the tips of the collar because donuts are round. (At least they were last time I had one.) I let it dry over night.

I added some pink paint as the icing of the donut. I added a second coat of paint later to make the color really strong. I let that dry over night too.

When the pink was dry, I added some little sprinkles. Yes, that is a safety pin. It worked well as a sprinkle maker.

I wanted a little something to go with my donut shirt and I decided to make a donut bangle bracelet. I used this large green bracelet. I painted over the bracelet with white paint and let it dry. I wanted to cover the green color. Once I had a neutral base color, I started the same process of painting the light brown and pink that I used on the collar. 

Here is the bracelet up close. I painted it inside and out in case the inside showed while I was wearing it.

I made this shirt for fun, but I wanted to keep it from looking overdone and silly. It really was fun to wear.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.
 And go have a donut, if you can.

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