Friday, December 28, 2018

Dressember 2018; Dress 8

Hello Readers. This is the last post in my Dressember 2018 series. I hope you liked the series as much as I did. I hope I shined a light on the issue of human trafficking. And organizations like Dressember, who are fighting for and rescuing victims around the world.

Today's post is about a black lace dress. A long lace dress that was sheer at the bottom. It wasn't a great dress on me because it was way too long. It was almost impossible to photograph as well. It was like a black hole that just absorbed all light. I used all the lighting I had but in pictures it was so hard to get the details of the lace to show up.

Here is a close up of the material. It was very pretty. There were 2 layers, a solid black lining and a lace outer layer. 

You can see the layers here. The lining ended at knee length and the lace went on forever it seemed. If I was tall and leggy, this would have fit fine. But I'm not. I'm more short and stumpy, so this dress was a mess on me. I cut off the lace layer of the dress at knee length.

I decided to use that lace to make a ruffle along the bottom of the dress. It would be at knee length and have a lot of movement when I walked. It would make the dress a lot more fun. I cut long strips of material and connected them so I had a very long strip of material. I kept the existing hem to save time and effort.

I pinned and gathered the ruffle and stitched it onto the dress. The gathered lace was really thick. My thread broke a few times when I was sewing but I got through it.

I kept the ruffle sheer. The thick connecting seam is camouflaged by the dark lining. It lets the focus to be on the ruffle and not the thick seam. And the sheer ruffle is a nice balance for the sheer sleeves of the dress.

I thought this would be a great dress for a night out and New Year's Eve is coming very soon. How do you celebrate? Honestly, I don't normally do anything that requires getting this dressed up, but now I am ready if a party happens suddenly.

Thanks for reading along, now go make 2019 fun for yourself.

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