Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Choir Robe Part 2; The Dressy Shirt

Hello Readers. This is the first post of 2018. I wish you a happy new year full of successful sewing. My post today is part 2 of me working with this long black dress. It looked like a choir robe or gown from when I was in school. I wasn't in a choir, I just saw the robes/gowns. I decided to break the dress up into separate pieces of clothing.

This picture below is very over-exposed so you can see the sheer sleeves and sheer trim at the bottom. They were my favorite part of this dress. It was a very pretty black dress but a little over-whelming in length.

Are those leopard print Crocs? Yes, yes they are.

After my last post involving this dress, this is what I was left with. There is still a lot here to work with. You can see where I cut the dress in half and now I have the top half and the under lining with sheer trim.. I thought it would make a cute dressy top. I had a little work to do to make these leftovers into a nice shirt.

I decided to add the sheer trim at the bottom to the raw edge of the dress where I cut it off. This finished off the raw edge of the new shirt. It also added some length to the shirt and made a cute flowy ruffle. I thought my daughter might like it too.

I cut the lining out of the dress and used a zigzag stitch to attach the sheer trim piece to the bottom edge of the shirt. And I was right, my daughter did like it.

Thanks for reading this blog post, now go make something fun for yourself.

 *Year end update- My daughter and I passed this one back and forth depending on who wanted it at the time.


KD said...

Both of you look very pretty in this dress: you in the long version and your daughter in the short version!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks KD! You are very nice to say so. It was a pretty dress, I just don't wear floor length dresses very often. ;)