Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The "Custom" Fabric Blinds

      Hello all. Today's NO-SEW project is roller blind I made for my little guys room. He is too young to express an opinion, but I'm sure he likes it. I started with a cheap, readily available, easy to install plastic roller blind from WalMart. It's cheap (Yea!) but really unattractive (Boo!). It isn't hard to make it a lot cuter. They are easy to install and come with directions inside so I wont cover that part of the project.

     I choose the nautical fabric from the stash in my closet because it matched the room best. Any woven fabric will work, knits are not a good idea.

      I spread the blind out on the floor and measured to see how much fabric I would need to cover it. I didn't want to see the blind showing, just my fabric.

I used this iron-on adhesive to finish the side edges and bottom hem. I simply folded the fabric back and ironed it in place. This stuff is pretty strong and will hold up well since this is not being worn, it's just hanging out. The heat of the dryer make this type of adhesive loosen up. (In my experience anyway.)

Next comes the duct tape. That's right, you're taping this fabric to the blind. You need good quality duct tape. The cheap tape from the dollar store isn't the same. I used several strips of duct tape to secure the fabric to the blind. Be careful to line the fabric up so it will hang evenly without being lower on one side.

      Only the tape across the top of the fabric will hold it, so tape it well. It should hang freely at the bottom. The sides and bottom of the fabric should hang freely.

To pull the blind up and down you should grab the blind itself not the fabric. You can't pull on the fabric itself, and you don't need to. The blind works as if the fabric wasn't even there.

Here is the finished window with curtains on top of the blind. It turned out pretty snazzy if I say so myself.

     These blinds come in light filtering and black-out weight plastic. They are great for a bedroom to block the sunlight at nap time. Thanks for reading!

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