Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Donut Shirt

Hello Readers. Everyone loves donuts, right? I haven't had a real donut in years. I had to stop eating wheat about 5 years ago. I miss it but I had allergies and I am healthier without it. One thing that I really miss is a real true donut. In the U.S., National Donut Day was June 2, and I have been thinking about donuts ever since. When I saw a donut shirt on Pinterest and I decided to make my own. You can check the original DIY post here.

I started with a basic white button down shirt that my mom handed-down to me. (Thanks Mom!) I wrapped plastic around the shirt so the body of the shirt was protected in case I got messy with my paint.

I got my stash of acrylic paint and started painting two coats of light brown around the bottom of the collar. That is the cake of the donut. I rounded the front at the tips of the collar because donuts are round. (At least they were last time I had one.) I let it dry over night.

I added some pink paint as the icing of the donut. I added a second coat of paint later to make the color really strong. I let that dry over night too.

When the pink was dry, I added some little sprinkles. Yes, that is a safety pin. It worked well as a sprinkle maker.

I wanted a little something to go with my donut shirt and I decided to make a donut bangle bracelet. I used this large green bracelet. I painted over the bracelet with white paint and let it dry. I wanted to cover the green color. Once I had a neutral base color, I started the same process of painting the light brown and pink that I used on the collar. 

Here is the bracelet up close. I painted it inside and out in case the inside showed while I was wearing it.

I made this shirt for fun, but I wanted to keep it from looking overdone and silly. It really was fun to wear.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.
 And go have a donut, if you can.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Long and Short of It

Hello Readers. Today's post is about two long dresses and one short woman. I'm not sure if the dresses were really that long, they just seemed really long on me. Most long dresses are much too long on me. I didn't own a maxi dress until I was given this white dress. It fit my daughter perfectly, but she is 8 inches taller than me. I guess that is how much I would need to grow to fit standard off the rack clothes. I am 45 so I am not going to get any taller. I foresee a lifetime of alterations.

This dress is way too long as you can see from the puddle on the floor around me. Because you can't see my feet I look even shorter than normal. I am holding the straps in this weird way because the straps are too long. This happens to me a lot too. The neckline is too low and the shoulders need to be altered. Knit tanks are so easy to fix. Read on and I will show you my quick cheat method.

First, I decided how much shorter the dress needed to be. I turned the dress inside-out and stitched the front and back of the strap together. This made the strap shorter and I just cut off the excess. The fabric is a stretch knit so it won't fray at all. It only takes a few minutes and no one ever sees the raw edges inside. ("Nobody sees, nobody knows". -Hoodwincked)

You can see how much excess I removed in the picture below. This works great for summer tank tops. Now that the top of the dress is pulled up from the top it is a bit shorter. I can shorten the bottom of the dress. If I had shortened the bottom of the dress first, it would have been gotten shorter when I fixed the straps. 

The next thing I did was shorten the length from the bottom hem.Here is a look at how much I cut off the bottom of the dress. The clingy material was difficult to spread out on the floor. It looks like I cut it on a diagonal. It is straight, I promise. 

Here is the second piece of today's post. This long denim dress is a little dated and a little boring. It is also too long on me. I could shorten it, but I had another idea. 

I decided to cut off the top of the dress and wear it like a vest. I cut just below the horizontal seam and ran it through the wash so it would have a little bit of a frayed edge along the bottom. (I love cut-off denim.)

Well, here we are. I am never going to be tall but I don't look as short as I did when you couldn't see my feet at all and I was in a puddle of fabric. I kept the white dress at ankle length. This is a great dress for hot weather.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Twirly Skirt

Hello Readers. How are you? Things here are sunny and HOT! It's perfect skirt weather. I just happen to have a skirt to show you. It started as a dress. The same dress I used in my last post.

I used the top of this dark pink dress as a top in my last post. This dress is long and sort of shapeless on me. It is just unbroken dark pink everywhere. It's a lot of one color at once. The best part of this dark pink dress is the full twirly skirt. It just seems fun and makes me want to dance.

I found some matching elastic on and I was ready to make a fun skirt. The elastic will define the waist and be more flattering than the shapeless dress was. It will also make a comfortable waistband that will allow me to eat lunch and still breathe. (I like to eat lunch.)

It only took a few minutes to attach the elastic. I love the pink color in a smaller dose. Sometimes a bold color can be overwhelming but in smaller amounts it's fabulous.

It has to be the fullest skirt I have ever had. And look at that twirl! 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Pink Martini Pants

Hello Readers. Have you ever had a pink martini? Me neither, I am not much of a drinker.  But I have the perfect linen pants for it. I found these pants at Goodwill for a dollar. They looked so cheerful and unique. What is the occasion to wear these pants? What is the setting or event? It's not clear to me yet. They don't seem appropriate for back-to-school night. Weddings and funerals are out too. They don't seem right for church or a job interview either.

These pants caught my eye and I bought them. Sometimes I go thrifting with my 2 year old and I just grab what I can in a rush. I need to get in and out before he has a toddler meltdown. (That is like a nuclear meltdown, but the government doesn't help you clean it up.)
They were a little big but I knew I could size them down.

My morning cup of strong Irish tea.

They were in brand-new condition, and they were nicely lined. I removed the lining because linen breathes and the acetate lining would just make them hot and uncomfortable in the summer heat.
I narrowed the legs a bit, that's about it. I knew linen would fray so I went over the new seam twice. I used a zigzag stitch on the edge to hold it together. A serger would be even better.

*Author's note added later- I just found out that the lining helps prevent wrinkles in the linen.

I also had this dark pink dress. I loved the full skirt but it was too long on me but the color was a perfect match for the pants.

Look at that skirt twirl!

The dress is from J. Peterman. Is this the same J. Peterman that Elaine from Seinfeld worked at? I don't know for sure but I like to think so.

I cut a shirt off the top of that dress. I thought it would be a great little outfit. I didn't measure and discovered that it was a little too short. It was just long enough to reach the top of the pants, I require more tummy coverage than that. 

I am saving the skirt for next time.

I decided to add a band of black to the bottom edge of the pink shirt. I took this old black shirt and cut a little off the bottom.

I stitched them together. Easy as pie.

Here is the final shirt. The extra 2 inches made a big difference to me.

Here is the new finished outfit. Maybe it's a brunch outfit? Maybe it's for birthday parties? Maybe I will just wear it for fun.

Next time I will show you what I did with the bottom of that dark pink dress. Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Long Beach Bag

Hello Readers. It is summer and time for swimming and relaxing days at the beach. HA HA! I am a mom so that means I am in charge of snacks and on life guard duty. I am not sitting in the sun soaking up the rays. I am putting sunscreen on kids and trying to keep them from drowning. I need a GIANT bag for towels, goggles, sunblock, snacks, drinks squirt toys and tons of other stuff too.

I had a giant bag that held all my stuff but check out the long handles in the picture below. The bag is down to my knees and the straps are so long I can't carry it in my hand like a suitcase, it would drag on the ground. I don't want to make the bag smaller but I could make the straps into shorter handles.

They are simple woven handles. I cut them off the bag and made them about half as long. The ends were frayed originally, so I kept that look in my new shorter handles. 

I can put it over my shoulder but I can also carry it like a suitcase while I chase overexcited little guy around the parking lot, pool deck, beach ... you get the idea.

***** BONUS TRACK *****

This is a quick fix. I needed exercise clothes. I know they sell them at the store but I can never bring myself to spend money on clothes to sweat all over. I can sweat all over free clothes just as well. 
I had theses cropped sweat pants that looked fine but it is really hot here. Shorts would be better for the summer. I cut the legs off and as usual this knit material doesn't fray.

There is a lot of visible feet in the post, sorry.

I am ready to run like the wind. HAHA, just kidding, I don't run.
 I just walk quickly and hope for muscle growth.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Cat Shirt Fail

Hello Readers. I love to go on Pinterest and get ideas for projects. They don't always work out well but it is fun to try new ideas. I saw a cute shirt that had a cat face cut out of it. It seemed so simple, in reality it was difficult. You can see the original creation here. It was on Etsy as well, but listed as no longer available.

I had several black T-shirts I had collected so I thought I could safely attempt this project and be sure to get it right eventually. I started by tracing my cuts on a black T-shirt. I thought I would make some cuts and be done in five minutes. I was a fool. I didn't realize how difficult this shirt would be to make and wear.

Well, the whiskers look like a rib cage and I forgot to keep a thin line of fabric to divide the nose in half. Oops. My chest was sort of distorting the cat in an awkward way too. That's OK, I will keep trying.

I got the nose correct but the whiskers are right over my boobs and look like a rib cage again. They need to be more narrow and closer to the nose. It just looks weird. I will try again.

I got the eye placement wrong on this one and forgot to keep a thin line of fabric across the eyes. It was difficult to put on the shirt without a boob poking out of an eye hole. Having a woman's chest is a serious problem for this shirt idea.

Yes, this is the fourth shirt I was cutting up. It already had the sleeves cut off but I didn't think it would matter for this project. I got the eyes and nose placed correctly and divided with a thin line of fabric. I cut slits in the fabric for whiskers. They opened up on their own when I put it on. I think this is the best I can do. And I am out of black T-shirts, so that's it for now. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Smothering Denim Dress

Hello Readers. I hope you are safe and happy today. I have a denim dress refashion to show you today. My last post was a denim suit. I guess there is a denim theme this week. 

You can see this dress is shapeless and very long. It is really unflattering and why would I want to wear it like this? There has to be a way to improve this dress right? This can't be it. It is just a depressing like this. I am smothering in all this denim.

This denim dress has a couple things going for it. There is usually some good in things if you take time to look. (Note to self.) The dress is in Great condition and well made. It also has this white floral embroidery on the bodice. It caught my eye, I thought it was sweet.

I gave this dress a big cut to shorten the skirt. There was a waist tie that sort of pulled the waist in. It tied in the back but these ties never look great on me. They pull the back of the dress together and leave the front shapeless and baggy. I always look a little pregnant in them. Or a little more fat in the gut. Either way, I don't like it. I cut the tie off.

I gave the dress a new hem and that was it. The dress is 100% denim with no stretch so I could not take it in and still get it on and off over my head. It looks much better with a belt. The belt gives it some shape. It is more flattering than the waist tie.
I went out to dinner with the family to celebrate my older son graduating high school. I am so proud and pleased about it. I have loved watching my kids grow up.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.