Friday, November 16, 2018

The Boring Pink Sweater

Hello Readers. Do you have any boring clothes? Clothes that are just blah. I do, but I don't like to let them stay that way. This pink sweater was a snooze-fest. It's made of cashmere and that is the only reason I loved it so much. I am addicted to cashmere. It feels like it is made from some kind of special angel yarn.

Here is the boring but super soft sweater. I decided to use these weird cotton pajama pants to dress up the sweater. These pants are supposed to be a cropped capri length but on me they just look like shrunken pants.

My first step was to cut the side seams open. I wanted to add some extra fabric in the sides. Cashmere does not fray so I could cut it and work with it without any fuss.

I cut the waistband off the pajama pants and I cut narrow strips of the striped fabric. I used the stripes as a guide and it made the measuring and cutting very easy.

 Horizontal pieces.                  Vertical pieces.  

I added a long vertical strip of fabric to each side of the sweater. The extra fabric added a couple inches of room to the sweater.

I connected some of the horizontal pieces and made pleats. It took a while but it wasn't hard.

I connected the pleated fabric to the waistband of the sweater. It added a punch of color and it made the sweater a bit longer. 

The sleeves of the sweater were a little long so I cut a few inches off. I added a piece of the waistband as a cuff on each sleeve. It finished the sleeves and added some color there.


The stripes add some color and I like the ruffle at the waist. The sweater isn't as plain as it was, but it is still casual. I could wear it anywhere.

I was supposed to go out and do some things but Mother Nature had other plans. We got a lot sleet and snow, so I didn't go anywhere in this sweater yet.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Pajama Skirt

Hello Readers. I refashioned this fabulous set of pajamas recently. Check them out. They are so colorful and pretty. I was sure I could turn them into something wonderful to wear during the day.

These pajamas were a silky polyester. They looked a lot like silk but they weren't the real thing. They didn't breath like silk so I didn't want to keep them as sleepwear. Polyester pajamas didn't sound very comfortable to me.

These pants were very baggy. I thought I could make them into a skirt.

I cut the inseams open and spread the fabric out. I was going to keep the waistband, I just needed to remove the fabric that made up the crotch. I wanted to keep the loose fit because there was no stretch to this fabric.

I made a basic skirt shape. I couldn't make it too fitted but I could make it shorter.

I gave the skirt a big cut and made a new hem. It would be easier to wear at this length. Floor length skirts tend to trip me. (#clumsy)

I made the shirt a bit smaller. I didn't want to alter the shirt at all. I really liked it the way it was. I kept the shirt and skirt as 2 separate pieces so I could wear them by themselves or together.

I like the shirt tucked in the skirt but I think I like it untucked and loose even more. The drawstring waistband worked well in the skirt too. With a loose fit and an adjustable waist, I think I just found a great outfit for Thanksgiving!

I wore it to a charity dinner that my mom took me too. There was a trivia contest. My table didn't win y'all, not even close. But we had a lot of fun. Money was raised for Young Lives, a mentor and support group for teen moms.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, November 9, 2018

New Blue Shoes

Hello Readers. Have you ever wanted to change the color of your shoes? Maybe this issue hasn't come up in your life. This was an issue for me recently.

I know what you are thinking. Those shoes are really light blue. They are a unique shade of light blue for shoes. They are really comfortable and they have great arch support.
 But they are a weird shade of light blue. They are seriously the color of a 1992 suburban bathroom.

There is a solution. It is cheap, available on Amazon, and easy to use. It is called Angelus Leather paint. (They do not know me and did not pay me to say anything about them.) There are so many colors too. I had navy paint, so I used it.

There was a little brush that came in the bottle but I didn't like it. I used a larger brush. The paint was easy to apply to the shoes but it dries very fast. I worked in little sections and tried to spread the paint evenly. I jabbed the brush in and around little nooks and crannies to cover everything. I needed to add a second coat of paint to some spots.

The finished look of the shoes was nice and still looked like leather. I was afraid the paint would look too thick or look plastic-ish, but it looked great. It added a little shine, like I had polished my shoes with shoe polish.

I didn't paint the inside of the shoe. I didn't know if the paint would come off on my feet over time so I just painted the outside. The inside doesn't show anyway. I like the navy color much better than the original light blue color. It went with my jeans better anyway.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Cheap Porch Decor

Hello Readers. How is your Autumn going? It is cooler and finally feels like "sweater-weather" where I live. I like to decorate my front porch to reflect whatever the current season is. I was excited to get ready for Fall. I did something different this time, I used a pallet and a cable spool on the porch this year. They were free. You can't get cheaper than that.

I also use some really old paint that has been sitting in my basement for who knows how long. But that made it free. (Does everyone else have a lot of old stuff down in the basement?) I choose white because I like it and it will go with anything. Yes, I spilled some in the garage.

I remember dragging this pallet home from my neighbors driveway. It was heavy and I had to carry it uphill. They put it out for trash and you know what that means. It is up for grabs, so I took it.
 I painted the pallet white all over with my old white paint. It was going to be on the porch, so I didn't worry about being too perfect. I just tried to cover all the surface.

Here is my cable spool. I dragged this home from a different neighbors driveway. They were moving and were giving a lot of stuff away.

The spool also got a couple of coats of that old white paint.

Here is my porch. The horizontal slats made the pallet a great plant stand and the spool is a great little table. I am planning a white winter/snow/snowman porch coming in Winter and these will look good then too.
 All of these white flowers came from a third neighbor who had too many and gave some away. Yep, that's right. For free.

*****     BONUS TRACK     *****

One more idea for cheap outdoor/porch decor. Cinder blocks are great for outdoor projects. Cheap and durable. This plant stand was made by my friend Patti. I love how she painted the blocks and the wooden shelves different colors. It is so fun and eye-catching.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Making Tight Clothes Bigger and Bigger

Hello Readers. Do you have any clothes that have grown too tight? Is it just me? Life happens, aging happens, clothes get too tight. Read on to see how I made clothes "grow" to fit me.

This dress was soft and stretchy so I could technically get it on my body. You can see how tight the dress is on my dress form, and this dress form is a little smaller than I am.
 I couldn't wear it this tight.

 I decided to cut the bottom of this dress off and make a shirt. I cut along the seam and saved the lower part of the dress for later.

 I cut along the side seams to open the shirt. I cut the seams from the bottom, all the way up to the ends of the arms. I wanted the shirt completely open on the sides to insert extra fabric and make it bigger.

I also cut this black shirt up for material. I cut strips of the black fabric to put into the sides of my striped shirt and make the shirt wider. I thought 2 of these black strips, 1 on each side, would make the shirt big enough.
 (I was wrong. I underestimated, but that's OK. Read on.)

 The side pieces looked great but the shirt was still a little tighter than I wanted. I should have made the black pieces bigger.

I could have taken the side pieces out and put in larger pieces. That would have been a lot more work. I decided to add a strip of black fabric down the middle of the back of this shirt. It added about 2 inches. That was just right.

Remember that piece of dress I cut off? I added some of it to the bottom as a waistband. I used the part with the hem already on it. It made the new shirt look more finished. And I really liked the contrast of horizontal and vertical stripes.

I kept the shirt long enough to tuck in but I also like it out so all the stripes show. I wore this to a kids birthday party last weekend. It was perfect. (Until I dropped red sauce on myself when I was pigging out on home-made spring rolls. Oops!)

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Spider Shirt for Halloween

Hello Readers. Today is Halloween. At least in the U.S. Do parents in other countries let their children go door-to-door begging for candy on this day? I need to Google that. I am not really into Halloween but I decided to make something fun and easy to wear that was in the theme of the day.

 Full disclosure: I was inspired by a shirt on Pinterest. You can see my inspiration here.
I started with a plain black t-shirt.
I used some lace from my sewing scraps. This is cheap polyester lace that can go in the washer and dryer. I didn't want anything too delicate. I need to be able to throw my clothes into the washer with no worries that they will be ruined.

I had this spider pin in a drawer for a while and you can see he suffered a couple injuries to his legs. I was sad to see that but I was going to assume that everyone would know it was a spider even with only 6 legs.

She is injured but still going to work today.
I hope the theme of the shirt is obvious. The lace is the spider web and the spider has been hard at work spinning it. I stitched the lace around most, but not all of the neck.

I liked the white thread connecting the spider to the web. It is just a simple piece of embroidery thread attached to the shirt under the lace and at the shoulder seam. (The original shirt had the spider below the lace neckline. I put my spider up on my shoulder. I couldn't place the spider lower on my chest. It looked really weird.  Maybe because my pin is more flashy but it did not look right sitting on one boob.)

This was my final shirt. I liked it and I can remove the pin to wash the shirt. The lace and embroidery thread are sewn on. It was in the right mood for the holiday but not too much of a costume. I wore this in public and didn't feel too conspicuous. 

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.