Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kid's Stuff

Hello Readers. I am not always sewing. Sometimes I am busy with my kids. If you have kids, or been around some kids, or if you were ever a kid yourself, you know they are always learning. It is fun to have new activities and things for them to play with. It can also cost an arm and a leg to keep buying new toys, games, books, etc... Here are a couple of things I have done recently around my house in at attempt to be fun and educational. 

It started with this table. This is my actual kitchen table. We use it for everything. Eating, coloring, projects ...... It has gotten really beat-up and chipped. It belonged to my grandparents. I would never buy a new table, but I want to cover it until I can refinish it.

***PLAN A***
My first idea was to use a plastic shower curtain as a tablecloth of sorts. I thought I could wipe it off and it would be bright and colorful and my kids could be reminded of some basic geography. I ordered this from Amazon and it wasn't plastic. It was nylon. It doesn't wipe clean very well.
 It went in the kids shower.

***PLAN B***

I put a blue tablecloth on the table. I like it but fabric will get dirty very quickly with my toddler. I just wanted it to be the background for this new idea. 

I got a couple maps. One is of the whole world and one is of the United States. They are designed for kids and made to be colored in. We had fun doing that.

Here are the colored maps. They don't cover the entire table. The blue cloth under the maps covers the rest. Those paper maps won't last very long right? 

Here is my solution for that. It is a "Super Clear" plastic table cloth. I can wash and scrub it as needed but you can see the maps under it. It was only $6 or $7 from

 I can imagine displaying a bunch of kids art projects under the clear tablecloth too. Kids would love that, and you can only fit so many kid drawings on the refrigerator before you run out of room. Then you have to try and get rid of some, and your child is devastated and scarred for life.  


I also made a super cheap sorting game/toy for my toddler from the caps of his baby food pouches. He loves playing with this. He likes to throw them up in the air like confetti, then he sorts them by color. They can be used as beads, for stringing on yarn. (I read somewhere that was good for their coordination.)  They can also be used for early math, like addition and subtraction.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself. Or your kids.

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