Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Removing the Hood From My Hoodie

Hello Readers. My project today is a hood removal. I liked this jacket that was handed down to me, but the hood was way too heavy. The hood is lined nicely but the material weighed it down and it pulled the jacket down in the back. This caused the front neckline to ride up. I felt like I was being choked when I wore it. So, I never wore it.

I saw a post that gave me the idea to change it. It was written by a woman named Saga. You can read the post by Saga, here.  She altered a child's hoodie for safety reasons and I wanted to pass them along. She gives details and measurements that make this an easy alteration. (Thanks Saga!)

You can see where I cut my hood off at the same angle as the neckline of the jacket. I used my hubby's sweatshirt collar as a straight edge.

I left a little extra for the seam allowance. 

I tried to pop the collar so it would be more visible. It looks pretty dorky. The top picture is best at showing how nice it looks. I like the red collar and how it matches the exposed red seams all over this jacket.

Thanks for reading. Now go make something fun for yourself.

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