Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Going Sleeveless

Hello Readers. It is the last hot, hot days of summer. I am battling a bad case of poison ivy and the heat just makes it even more itchy. I am taking lots of medications to try and get rid of it but since I am not at my best I am going to share a little of my daughters recent sewing. She has finished college and is working in an office and has been trying to add to her work wardrobe. She was working on a couple tops this week.

This first top looked so cute and fresh with this blue and white color scheme. The only problem was the pattern went from cute to overwhelming and crazy when she put the top on. Her solution was to remove the sleeves. 

She simply cut the sleeves off right next to the seam and then turned the raw edge under twice and stitched it down. Below you can see actual sewing.

Here is the new seam. It is very small and narrow. It was very easy and the fabric didn't pucker or twist. She made the smallest seam she could to keep the armhole about the same size as it was. I think this helped the shirt keep it's shape.

The new shirt is great for summer and it seemed to calm the wild pattern down when there was less of it. Sometimes less really is more.

She also used the same fix for this floral top. It had puffy cap sleeves that were just a little too puffy. 

The new simplified arm holes were quick work.

She liked the new look much better. It was just a cleaner simpler look for her new job. 


I recently made a dress for a young friend. She likes pretty things and likes to get dressed up. (Don't we all?) She is also a huge fan of her local fire department. I decided to combine those two things and make her a fire truck dress. 
I started with a red T shirt. It was a quick and easy top half of this dress. I found some fire truck themed fabric on Amazon.com. Whenever I need something for a project, they always seem to come through for me. (Thanks Amazon!)

I added one piece of fabric as a skirt. Below is a picture of the dress when I had the skirt basted together and was trying to see where to set the waist on the T shirt.

I added a second tier above it to make the dress a little more full and fun.
 Here is the finished look. I threaded elastic through the end of each sleeve to gather the ends and                                                        make the sleeves a little more interesting.

I didn't have a pattern but using the T shirt made it easier to get the dress together and finished without having exact measurements to go by.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself, or a friend.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the poison ivy. Hope you are starting to feel better. It kinda sounds like chicken pox deja vu ... so so itchy.

    Your daughter's alterations are good ones. You are so right about "less is more" in so many cases. That's one thing I have seen over and over with refashioning!

    1. Thanks Jenny_o. I think it is going away, thanks goodness.